Adam Cooper-Terán

Technical Director / Media Designer

Adam Cooper-Terán (ACT) is a native of Tucson, Arizona, born from a mixed heritage of Mexican, Yaqui, and Jewish cultures. They are perhaps most known for their performance-spectacles with the annual All Souls Procession, Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theater, the bi-national multimedia collective, Verbo•bala Spoken Video, and the infamous Steven Johnson Leyba, among other theater companies, rabble-rousers, and musicians. Adam’s work as a DIY performer, producer, and designer has led to residencies at Project Row Houses in Houston, Latino/Chicanx arts organization MACLA in San Jose, Teatro Tespys in El Carmen de Viboral, Colombia, Universidad Cd. Juárez, and the University of Rostock, Germany. Adam has garnered praise and support from academic and cultural institutions such as the MAP Fund, National Endowment for the Arts, National Performers Network, Network for Ensemble Theaters, Arizona State University, Belle Foundation for the Arts, National Hispanic Cultural Center, and the International Sonoran Desert Alliance. Primary interests involve the creation of transformative experiences for audiences, while undermining mainstream media however possible. For more info visit