Articles & Documents

Oral history books, developed by Barrio Anita youth and elders, which formed the basis and inspiration for the second Barrio Stories.

Research from Dr. Lydia Otero

Poetry by Spoken Futures Youth

Spoken Futures worked over the course of 6 months to research, story share, write, reflect and rehearse among this dedicated team of youth poets. Director, Sarah Gonzales and Intern, Kyla A. Kemp-Rischard supported this team and were honored to be part of the project. The entire team thanks Barrio Anita and its residents for being such powerful teachers to the community. We offer our poems, words that carry on in alignment with Barrio Anita, past, present and future.

Interview Transcripts

Watch interview excerpts in Oral Histories.

Barrio Anita

Barrio Viejo